After 18 years of corporate life I decided it was time to shift gears.

I had hit a limit with office meetings that went nowhere, power point presentations for every conversation and 70+ hour work weeks. While I loved executive recruiting, there were other things I also wanted to spend time on.

This blog is about taking a temporary detour from work life. I was so caught up in the corporate way of doing things I was becoming numb to the world around me. It felt as if I were getting further away from who I thought I was and wanted to be.

I wanted a simpler, less hectic life. More time for family and friends, ballet, road tripping, morning hikes, single tasking and daydreaming. I wanted to downsize, mediate and contemplate.

There is something so freeing about waking up in the morning (without an alarm!) and having the flexibility to decide what to do that day and being able to make that choice…at least temporarily. I’m not saying I’m never going back to work, that’s not the message. On the contrary, this break is giving me tools to help me shape the next stage of work life.

Warning – this content will wander. I know every blog post that’s written about starting a blog says to find a focus and stick with it, but that’s just not how this is going to go. Just like I’m enjoying waking up and seeing where the day takes me, my writing is the same.

There is so much pressure to be successful and endless articles telling us how to be better and more productive people, but there is no one right way to live. Be yourself – or at least have fun figuring out who that is along the way.

My name is Kali and I live in California.